The award-winning pilot of FreakMe written by and starring Guy Olivieri as well as Mindy Cohn, Kathy Searle, Rob Maitner, Patti Goettlicher and Me!

Real Actors Read:  Christian Forums

Gotta Kid to Feed Productions-Joe Plummer

Real Actors Read:  Missed Connections

Gotta Kid to Feed Productions-Joe Plummer

Singing at Broadway Sessions-Shrek Reunion Concert at the Laurie Beechman.

'Refuge (When it's Cold Outside)' by John Legend

Psychic Cuchifritos: Nicole de la Vega

Starring Richard Ruiz and Ryan Duncan

Gotchling Productions

'Me Vogghiú Fare Monaca' from He's With Me

With Jason Cicci

Ferré Pissante, world renowned dance teacher.

See more Ferré Pissante on my 

YouTube page

As 'James Goodleaf' in Liberty: A Monumental New Musical

'More Like Home' with Abigail Shapiro

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