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   “The best thing director Osso and actor Ryan Duncan have done with the character (Johnny) is to not use any flamboyancy to make it so blatantly obvious. Johnny is a nice fellow, very preppy, and that’s enough to move the character along.” -STAND BY- FILM THREAT

    ~“But it’s the character-driven moments you remember most: how Juan (Ryan Duncan) at his lowest point, derives from God, inhuman stamina when singing the Ricky Martin-ish ‘La Vida Eternal.’”-ALTAR BOYZ-TALKING BROADWAY.COM

    ~"On the off-Broadway circuit which this year seems to be bursting with talent on stage, we caught Jeff Hollman's shocking new drama Real Danger and thought there was something about one of the dynamic cast members that struck us. Then we realized it was Ryan Duncan who garnered critical praise for the role of Juan he originated in the long running Altar Boyz. Just terrific once again!" -REAL DANGER- HAMPTONS REVIEW MAGAZINE

    ~“As the New York dissident himself, Duncan (a guest artist from New York City) is sympathetic, blessedly subtle, and self-deprecating in expressing his funk, and he has a pleasant conversational ease in his musical phrasing.” -STRIKING 12- THE PORTLAND PHOENIX


    ~“Another high point of the show is Juan’s (Ryan Duncan) fiery rendition of ‘La Vida Eternal,’ a dead-ringer for Ricky Martin’s hit. At first the despondent Juan can’t bring himself to sing; the other Altar Boyz literally have to drag him to the microphone. But by the end, he’s dripping with sweat from his full throttle singing and torrid dancing.” -ALTAR BOYZ-BROADWAY.COM

    ~“I can pick out for praise...Ryan Duncan, Dancing’s darling would be leading-man Forrest. ”-DANCING STRAIGHT-HX MAGAZINE

    ~"It's also Ryan Duncan, as Danny, aka Mr. Perfect, an OB/GYN with enough muscles, skills, and humanitarian bents to make any woman swoon hilarious as Duncan is in innocently expressing his impossibly rich life..." -HERMANAS-TALKIN' BROADWAY

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