This past summer, I did the beautiful new musical Passing Through written by Eric Ulloa and Brett Ryback and directed by Igor Goldin with choreography by Marcos Santana at Goodspeed's Norma Terris in Chester, CT. More good news to come!
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I wrote a twistedly funny Christmas show! We had an industry-only reading at the end of March. Conceived by me and Tad Wilson, I wrote the book and original lyrics and the music and arrangements are written by my good friend Jeffrey Lodin! More info coming soon.


~"But the funniest moment on stage, the thing that gets the longest round of applause, has nothing to do with the story, and it's a truly wonderful comic interlude; Ryan Duncan as Ken Styler (sic-Nick Styler) a sad, electronic keyboard-playing cabaret turn in a diner, late at night. From under his terrible wig, Styler should be singing songs for late-night lovebirds, but his songs quickly get darker, voiced through tears and increasingly desperate, anguished squawks. When the brilliant Duncan leaves the stage and we head back to the main highway of silly feels deflating. This fleeting seed of distinction is gone too soon..." -GETTIN' THE BAND BACK TOGETHER


~"Duncan is remarkable for his subtlety and complete commitment to a variety of roles. He plays Michael with all the warmth and humor you would hope for in a best friend." -tick, tick...BOOM!-SCHENECTADY GAZETTE



    ~“Duncan’s ‘Juan’ is the Latin lover dubbed ‘practically an Iglesias.’ Abandoned as a child, Duncan combines sexiness and pathos for a very sympathetic portrayal... that judging by the sweat he was slinging, was muy caliente!” -ALTAR BOYZ-ENTERTAINMENT DESIGN


    ~“Broadway veteran Ryan Duncan plays the guy she wins over , after a trip back from through the original Andersen text.  An excellent voice and comic sense made Duncan a pleasure to see up close in the intimate St. Lawrence theater space.  Unlike some visitors to the provinces, he did not play above the material -and not only because the material was first-rate.” -STRIKING 12- PORTLAND PRESS HERALD



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